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Here we have a representation of the current statistical data on all registered jobseekers in our country. The registered persons may be unemployed, or employed but looking to find greener pastures. Therefore the statistical data represented in these graphs represent both unemployed and employed persons.

The graph below indicates the number of people registered as jobseekers onto the Namibia Integrated Employment Information System, as per region. As indicated by the graph, the region with the most registered jobseekers is the Ohangwena region with almost 9000 registered jobseekers, whereas the region with the lowest amount of jobseekers registered being the Kavango West region with less than 10 registered jobseekers.

Registered per region
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    According to the Population and Housing Census Basic Report of 2011, the majority of people without jobs in the country were women. The report also showed that the proportion of females looking for work was higher than males: 30.8 % and 22.8 % respectively. The graph below shows the amount of registered jobseekers based on sex. In the Ohangwena region, which is the region with the most jobseekers registered, the amount of female jobseekers registered was more than two times the amount of male jobseekers registered. In fact, almost all the regions have a higher number of registered female jobseekers.

    Registered per region by sex
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    Confidentiality & Dissemination of Information: Statistics Act No. 9 of 2011

    44. (1) A document, an information or a record provided to the Agency or any other body authorised by the Minister to undertake a statistical or spatial data collection or obtained from administrative records and that relates to an individual, household, government body, undertaking or any other organisation, may not be.

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